Smart Syndicated Loans

on the public blockchain

Creditmint powers the next generation of digital assets. Our software seamlessly coordinates traders and agents. We are preparing the Ethereum blockchain to be the world's decentralised investment bank.

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Bringing corporate debt to the public blockchain with 100% privacy.

We have developed a zero knowledged circuit for the ethereum blockchain, bringing the power of the blockchain to private markets & allowing for 100% privacy.

Meet the team

Zac Williamson


Zac graduated with a doctorate in particle physics from the University of Oxford, where he also worked on the CERN project. He was a named member of the T2K/K2K team, who won the Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics 2016. Zac worked as a C++ developer in industry for two years, and is an experienced smart contract developer.

Arnaud Schenk

Tech Lead

Arnaud brings five years of web development experience to CreditMint, and has been coding for a decade. Born in Switzerland, he first worked in San Francisco, then as a product engineer in Shenzhen, China, trained for a time in Paris, and spent two years building the tech team at Entrepreneur First. He joined CreditMint from the EF9 Cohort.

Tom Pocock


After completing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in maths at King's College, Cambridge, Tom worked in finance for five years. He spent three years at Park Square Capital in Mayfair, London, a leading European corporate debt fund. Tom holds a Graduate Diploma in Law from The City Law School, and is a CFA Charterholder.

Joe Andrews

Product Lead

After completing an undergraduate engineering degree at Imperial College London, Joe moved to San Francisco to immerse himself in Tech. He was the co-founder and CTO of consumer food delivery startup Radish for 3 years. He joined CreditMint from the EF9 Cohort.